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This ChatGPT Response: Yikes, no thanks

June 24, 2024

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Have you ever asked a question and got an answer that made you want to roll your eyes out of your head? Thats what happened when I asked ChatGPT to describe ambitious, multi-passionate women. What I hoped would be a source of inspiration turned out to be a laundry list of what’s wrong with us: Indecisive, lacking depth, unrealistic, attention-seeking, arrogant… Crazy, right?

Here’s the Full List I Received About Ambitious, Multi-Passionate Women

  • “Jack of All Trades, Master of None”: We’re seen as spread too thin across different interests, unable to excel in any one area.
  • Overcommitted and Overwhelmed: We’re perceived as trying to do too much, leading to stress and imbalance.
  • Indecisive or Fickle: We’re thought to be unable to commit to a single path or goal.
  • Lack of Depth in Expertise: Our diverse interests are assumed to mean we lack deep knowledge in any one field.
  • Restless or Easily Bored: We’re viewed as unable to stay interested in one thing for long.
  • Career Hoppers: We’re seen as unreliable, always looking for new job opportunities.
  • Unrealistic or Idealistic: We’re perceived as having impractical dreams.
  • Attention Seekers: It’s thought we pursue multiple interests for validation.
  • Unfocused and Scattered: We’re seen as lacking focus and unable to complete projects.
  • Difficult to Work With: We’re perceived as challenging team members due to our diverse interests and high ambition.
  • Fear of Missing Out (FOMO): It’s thought we overcommit due to fear of missing opportunities.
  • Overly Independent: We’re believed to reject help, preferring to do everything alone.
  • Multitasking Maven: We’re seen as unable to focus on a single task effectively.
  • Workaholic: We’re perceived as unable to disconnect from work.
  • Lacking Commitment in Personal Life: We’re seen as less committed in personal relationships.
  • Perfectionist: We’re thought to strive for perfection, leading to burnout.
  • Overly Confident or Arrogant: We’re misconstrued as arrogant.
  • Disorganized: We’re believed to lack organizational skills.
  • Daydreamer: We’re thought to spend too much time in ideas rather than taking action.
  • Risk Taker: We’re seen as taking unnecessary risks.

Source: ChatGPT4o

On the flip side it defined, ambitious, multi-passionate men with terms like Renaissance Men, Innovators, Visionaries, and Leaders. Their diverse interests are seen as strengths, leading to admiration and respect.

This double standard is a significant barrier for women striving for the same recognition. Men who walk out their doors every day with these identities are operating at a completely different frequency than women burdened with these restrictive labels.

But before we delve deeper, let’s set the record straight: this isn’t about pointing fingers at men. This is about understanding and overcoming the unique challenges we face as ambitious women with diverse interests.

Limiting Beliefs

These stereotypes are more than just words—they’re restrictions that hold us back, keeping us from realizing our full potential. The stories we tell ourselves and the beliefs that have been conditioned into us, create our reality. More than just the words in our head, you feel it in your body and it manifests into uncomfortable emotions. When we step out of our comfort zones, our nervous systems react, triggering emotions like anger, frustration, and sadness. These reactions stem from limited beliefs and self-worth issues, pulling us back into a state of being stuck.

Think about how you show up to the office if you believe people there think you lack depth, are arrogant, and indecisive. Now, imagine how differently you would show up if you were seen as an innovative, flexible role model who is a visionary. That’s the transformative power of shifting our internal narrative.

Releasing What No Longer Serves Us

When you hear me say, “let’s release old stories, old beliefs, and things no longer serving you,” this is exactly what I mean. By letting go of these limiting beliefs and reprogramming your subconscious, you open yourself up to endless potential. If you find yourself comparing your life to someone who seems to be doing everything you wish you were doing, ask yourself which one of these stereotypes you’re holding onto. What’s keeping you stuck? The difference between you and the woman who seems like she’s doing it all is that she’s done the work to let all this crap go.

What is possible Instead?

When you free yourself from these limiting beliefs, you unlock endless possibilities. It’s not just about achieving more or doing more; it’s about feeling more aligned and fulfilled in your life. Picture yourself without the weight of these stereotypes: how do you want to feel each day? Who do you want to become? How do you want to show up in your world? It’s about redefining success on your terms, releasing the expectations of what it means to be a “good” woman, mother, or entrepreneur. Drop the “shoulds” and create a life that aligns with your unique vision and desires. If this conversation feels overwhelming or like it’s adding pressure, take a step back and see if you are creating any other stereotypes of what success and fulfillment look like to you. Remember, alignment and fulfillment look different for everyone. Your path is yours to define.

Taking Action

Once you gain clarity on what’s holding you back, the work begins. Identify what you truly want, release those limiting beliefs and emotions through mindset reframing, subconscious reprogramming, and nervous system regulation. This journey allows you to become whoever you want to be and transforms the way society sees us. So that the next time we ask ChatGPT to describe us, it says we are visionaries, innovators, leaders, creators, mentors, and trailblazers.

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