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Who are you, Really?

Human Design is like a blueprint of who you are. It tells you your life's purpose, how your energy vibes with others, how you are designed to make decisions, specific talents, about your intuition, motivation, manifest style, how to manage your emotions, how to tell when you are out of alignment and so much more! 

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You can find out right now what your Type, Strategy, Authority, Defined and Undefined Centers and more! Book a session to find out more of what it all means! 

"Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom."

- Aristotle

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 Dive deep into your human design with an intensive 2-hour session. We'll explore your Type, Strategy, and Authority, and delve into additional layers like Centers, Channels, and Gates. Gain transformative insights to make empowered decisions and live in harmony with your true self. Don't miss this chance to redefine your life at its core. Book your 2-hour session now for an in-depth journey into self-discovery.

"This is so much more than any other reading ive ever had. I really feel like i Know so much more about human design, and myself now... 

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"I learnt so much about myself and feel so much more motivated and empowered"

I couldn’t recommend Amanda and her human design coaching sessions enough!She goes above and beyond and is incredibly knowledgeable about human design, she really makes you feel at ease and like she has the most in depth knowledge of your unique HD chart with the added bonus of coaching alongside it. I learnt so much about myself and feel so much more motivated and empowered after our time working together. With Amanda’s guidance and support I’ve understood how I operate better and having this knowledge has been hugely positive in my life and business!


ManGen 1|3 EMO

"It's hard to put into words how much this session and our work together has impacted my life" 

I’m not sure where to start to be honest. Amanda is truly magical and helped me in endless ways after just 1 session. No one has ever explained my human design to me in such a tangible and empowering way as Amanda has and continues to do. I always feel so safe to fully surrender and share open and honestly because of her natural ability to put you at ease and connect. Amanda gave me clear strategies to implement that were literally helping me the very next day. Even now I feel like she has a deep understanding of who I am and how I need to hear this information. This woman is beyond powerful and it’s hard to put into words how much this session and our work together has impacted my life.


GEn 6|2 Sacral

"Something I didn't expect from a human design reading" 

I would very rarely use the term life changing, but working with Amanda to deep dive into my Human Design profile truly was just that. I knew before meeting that I was a Manifestor, but Amanda really helped me understand all of the other aspects of my profile in a very detailed and personalised way. This wasn't just a human design reading. This was a coaching session that felt safe and supported, so much so I was able to work through blocks I didn't even realise were stuck under the surface. All because I finally understood my energy flow and how other people react to me. I felt seen, I felt understood and most importantly, I felt held. Something I didn't expect from a human design reading but that's the magic of Amanda - she brings so much more to a session with her vast breadth of knowledge and education. 


Manifestor 3|5 Splenic

Hi, Im Amanda

Manifesting Generator, 1|3 Emo

The first time I heard of Human Design was when it was introduced to me in my coaching certification program.  I skipped the video. A few reasons, the information was too complex, the reader wasn't really my vibe, and I don't really like personality profiles. But, I kept hearing about it, people kept asking my energy type, what my authority was etc. So I finally looked into it and like so many others, I felt completely seen. It blew my mind. It wasn't like anything else that I had ever seen before. I fell in love and I knew that I had to incorporate this tool into my coaching sessions. I loved learning my unique way of making decisions, how I give and receive energy, why I felt so lost when it came to my life's path, how to manage my emotions by understanding my emotional waves, and the superpowers I had that would help me accomplish my biggest dreams. Knowing my design and how to follow my true nature allowed me to accept myself deeper, allowed me to be more in flow and less forcing. It also gave me a much deeper understanding of the people around me and how I was reading their energy. 
Im excited to share this tool with you!

Be clear on what your Type is, and how your Energy is recieved

Know your Purpose and True Life Path

Know how to confidently make decisions using your Strategy and Authority 

Leave with rituals and practices to live in alignment with your energy

You'll be ready to Embrace your true nature

You will feel empowered by your design and not restricted

Working together you will... 

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Have a Meaningful, Abundant, Rewarding and Joyful Lifestyle


Find more CONFIDENCE in yourself by learning your unique superpowers.


Feel Seen, Understood + Guided 


Start living a life filled with soul and purpose.

this is for you.

Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They Know what you truly want to become

-Steve jobs

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Today you are you. That is truer than true! There is no one alive who is youer than you.

- Dr. Seuss

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Generate your free Human Design Chart here! You can find out right now what your Type, Strategy, Authority, Defined and Undefined Centers and more! Book a session to find out more of what it all means! 



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