one on one coaching


Frankly, it can feel a little overwhelming. Thankfully, that's where I come in.
First step, lets get some clarity. What is it you actually value, what is it that YOU actually WANT. Not just what you think you should do. 
If you are feeling stuck, or no idea where to actually start, or maybe you get a little ahead but then self sabotaging kicks in. What if we could release what is holding you back, get you heading down the right path for you, toward your desires, a path that is filled with purpose, clarity and fulfillment..


Get crystal-clear direction and be the architect of a fulfilling Life and Career.

Discover what sparks your passion for life and confidently carve a path toward a life and career that's deeply fulfilling and aligned with who you are



Do away with the "overwhelm" and have the courage and freedom to live on your own terms.

Embrace a life of balance where time freedom and flexibility are your new norm. Shed the anxiety, the ADHD brain, shame and guilt and wake up to days filled with potential and peace.


Be boldly confident and embrace the change you've been seeking.

Step into your power with unshakeable confidence and self-worth. Transform fear into action and doubt into decisiveness, and start living vibrantly, every single day. 


Get grounded in your identity and have the consistency that fuels your desires.

Break free from the shackles of roles that no longer serve you. Discover who you are at your core and build a life of consistent flow, one where success and fulfillment go hand in hand.


Be renewed in your approach to life and fully experience its richness.

Shed the weight of shame, guilt, sadness of the past to find a renewal of spirit, inviting in joy, energy and a genuine experience of what life has to offer. 

When I first reached out to Amanda, I was feeling stuck, coasting in life and feeling dejected about my next steps. 

Amanda has been a guiding light in my life and has literally helped me to manifest the unbelievable. When I first reached out to Amanda, I was feeling stuck, coasting in life and feeling dejected about my next steps. Amanda has helped me tap into my inner fire, get clarity on the next steps for me professionally and personally and ultimately given me the courage to uplevel in a mega way. I can't imagine my journey without Amanda by my side.

— Shannon

“I had been feeling so burnt out with my content and literally one session with Athena changed everything.

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How    Works


Initial Consultation

Its important to first make sure we are the right fit! Coaching is one of the best investments, when you work with someone who truly gets you and is experienced in getting results for your specific current life challenges!

Intake + Strategy

You will fill out a comprehensive intake form. Where then I will start putting together a bespoke service for you, that meets your needs.

The Sessions

We will chat 2-3 times a month for 60-90 minutes via zoom, depending on your needs. Sessions are results driven. Holding you accountable, releasing whats no longer serving you and setting you up to take real action.

Ongoing Support

You also have access to me via WhatsApp for between session check-ins and support. 

Aleksandra discovered what really works for her. So she could take big steps forward

"This really helped me overcome the feeling of overwhelm" 

  We focused on refining my next steps in business and managing my energy to fit my Generator profile in Human Design. Amanda helped me let go of draining tasks and align with what truly resonates with me. She shifted my mindset from "needing" to be disciplined to being intentional. 

CLaire had a major breakthrough

"Amanda really unblocked something for me which had immediate effects in my personal and professional life."

I wasn't sure what to expect from a Breakthrough Session with Amanda and it ended up being more than I could have  imagined.

Katie gained clarity on how to move forward

During our session I had so many aha moments about myself and my business and how I wanted to move forward.

She also helped me reframe my thoughts, which has had an incredible impact on my mood and focus. 

If you're feeling stuck and overwhelmed, ready to get out of your own way, and want so much more... it's time.

So many people stay stuck. Feeling like what they want is not attainable. Or that frustration and overwhelm is just a part of life. But, I promise you, it doesn't have to be THIS hard. And it doesn't take much to completely shift your thoughts, behavior and life to one you love.