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Hey, you:

What is holding you back from Everything you've ever wanted?

For me it was trauma stuck in body, living in survival mode, running after dreams that weren't mine and the biggest culprit was the inner voice that was constantly criticizing me. All of this keeping me stuck, lost and acting on my intrusive thoughts. If this sounds like you.. 

you're in the right place

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Alignment and Transformation coach who truly believes that you have to build your dreams from the inside out. 

The moment everything changed for me was when I started owning my own story. Stopped playing victim to my experiences, fought against the girl I thought I wasn't allowed to be, and stepped into my fears, out of my comfort zone. I found healing, purpose, joy, and grace. I found MYSELF. I want to help you do the same. Stop living with limitations, stop living in fear, get rid of the doubt and find true fullfilment + alignment. 


on the agenda:


A deep understanding of the way that you see the world around you and how you are responding to it - is the first step to really tapping into your superpowers and get out of survival mode.


Do you ever wake up in the morning and dread getting out of bed, unmotivated at work, anxious to be around your partner, lack of interest in hobbies and just totally stuck or have a feeling of being lost? You are out of alignment.


Its time to discover and tap into those superpowers that are uniquely yours. Having already stripped away everything that is holding you back we are going to move into and embody this new identity, become your true self. 

WE cannot SOLVE our PROBLEMS with the SAME

Thinking we used when we created them

- Albert Einstein

1 on 1


If you are reading this you are ready to finally get unstuck, you want to discover your purpose, you want better relationships, more money, more freedom, more connection, more fulfillment and you are ready to take action. 

real results

"I left feeling like finally someone understood me."

"I worked with Amanda on a number of coaching sessions and each time I left feeling like finally someone understood me. She gave me the space to talk without fear of judgement, as well as wrapping me up in the energy of safety - I felt incredibly safe with Amanda, like no thought was a silly one and nothing was dismissed. I left our sessions feeling like I could finally take back some of the control over the decisions I was making in my life. Would I recommend Amanda as a coach? Without a shadow of a doubt!" - Victoria

- Victoria


"Amanda has coached me through countless sessions, each one more profound than the last. 

She is safe, she is empathetic, and she is extremely patient in the process of transformation. She has held me through raw moments of release. I have released deeply rooted blocs and pain all while tapping into unlimited visions for my life. Amanda lives her life as a coach and is constantly grown. An amazing coach

- Dacey


With this program:


+ Deepen Self-Awareness, self-Acceptance & Love

+ Decondition + release limiting beliefs

+ Embody your highest + Truest potential

+ Come into Personal Alignment 

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ready to level up?

You are about to enter the best chapter of your life

Shoot me an email with some details about who you are and what you are looking for in working with me! 
The first thing we will do is hop on a call together or go back and forth in emails if that is easier for you, and find out if what I am offering is right for you!



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