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Freedom is in the Work You’re Avoiding

June 18, 2024

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Freedom is in the Work You’re Avoiding

Ever had that nagging feeling about a task you just can’t seem to get around to? Maybe it’s a chore, a project, or even something personal that’s been looming over your head. The funny thing is, the freedom you’re looking for is often tied up in the very thing you’re avoiding.

It’s all too familiar, isn’t it? We push these tasks to the bottom of our list, and yet, they weigh on us more than we realize. The longer we avoid them, the more they hang over our heads like a persistent cloud, casting a shadow on our daily lives. I can feel like a heaviness on our chest, lump in our throat even make you feel jittery and hyper with no where to put that energy.

When we finally tackle these tasks, no matter how small or big they are, we often feel a tremendous sense of relief. It’s like a breath of fresh air. We wonder why we didn’t just get it done sooner. This feeling of relief is what we are truly seeking—the freedom that comes from facing what we’ve been avoiding.

How often do we spend more time stressing about a task than it would actually take to complete it? It could be something as simple as responding to an email or making a quick phone call. These tasks might only take a few minutes, but the mental space they occupy is vast. The moment we complete them, we lift a burden off our shoulders and create room for more positive, productive energy.

Sometimes, it’s not just about the small tasks though. We might be avoiding something much bigger—like working on our mental health, committing to a fitness routine, or investing time in personal growth. These are the things that require more than just a few minutes; they require us to confront our fears and insecurities. It’s daunting.

One of my clients once told me that signing up for coaching felt like admitting something was wrong with them. (Awwww.) They feared the vulnerability that comes with seeking help and facing their challenges. But taking that step was the most courageous thing they could do. It wasn’t about admitting defeat; it was about embracing growth and the potential for a better future. Just because you are working on something, I promise, does not mean anything is wrong with you.

And, theres also some science behind why we do put off these tasks. It’s human nature to avoid discomfort and seek out what’s easy or pleasurable. Our brains are wired to steer us away from pain, even if it’s just the temporary discomfort of a challenging task. But here’s the reality: avoiding discomfort is a trap. The growth and freedom we crave are often found in the places we least want to go.

If what you are doing is procrastinating, you should know procrastination doesn’t just delay our tasks—it also affects our mental and emotional well-being. The stress and anxiety caused by avoiding important tasks can accumulate, impacting our overall happiness and productivity. When we continually avoid what needs to be done, we create a cycle of stress that can feel inescapable. Breaking this cycle is crucial for our mental health and personal growth.

Theres also something else that could be holding you back and that is Fear! Fear also plays a significant role in our avoidance behaviors. Fear of failure, fear of success, fear of judgment—all these fears can paralyze us. Understanding that fear is a natural response but not letting it control our actions is key. By confronting our fears, we take the first step toward overcoming them and finding freedom.

If you’re feeling stuck, if you keep telling yourself, “I know I need to do this, but I just can’t seem to start,” it’s time for a change. You might find yourself procrastinating, week after week, hoping that the task will somehow disappear. But it won’t. The only way forward is through.

Steps to Overcome Avoidance

  1. Pinpoint the Task: Identify the task you’re avoiding. Write it down. Naming it is the first step to overcoming it.
  2. Break It Down: Break the task into smaller, more manageable steps. This makes it feel less overwhelming and more achievable.
  3. Set a Short Timer: Commit to working on it for just 5-10 minutes. Often, getting started is the hardest part. Once you’re in the zone, it’s easier to keep going.
  4. Celebrate Small Wins: Give yourself a reward for completing the task, no matter how small. This can reinforce positive behavior and make tackling future tasks easier.
  5. Reflect and Repeat: Take a moment to reflect on how it feels to have completed the task. Use this positive outcome to motivate yourself for the next challenge.

Build Momentum

Momentum is powerful. Once you start completing tasks, even small ones, you build a sense of achievement and motivation that propels you forward. It’s like a snowball effect—the more you accomplish, the more capable and motivated you feel to tackle even bigger tasks.

Taking on the work you’ve been avoiding, whether it’s about personal growth, mental health, or physical well-being, can seem intimidating. But remember, the greatest rewards come from stepping outside your comfort zone. It’s in those moments of challenge and discomfort that we find our true potential.

So, if you’re feeling stuck, if you keep putting off something you know you need to do, now is the time to change that. The freedom you’re seeking is just on the other side of the work you’re avoiding. Believe in yourself and take that first step today.

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