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Unlock Your Multi-Passionate Potential: Say Goodbye to Overwhelm!

June 22, 2024

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Hello! Im Amanda.
I help ambitious and driven woman like you, get unstuck.

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Stuck staring at your phone or computer again, feeling stressed or anxious, mindlessly scrolling or half-listening to Netflix? Feeling overwhelmed or stuck because you desire to do it all. Yet, for some reason you just don’t have the energy.. and you’ve been told it’s not possible, that you should stick with one thing, rest, and slow down. 

But that doesn’t feel right either—you feel unfulfilled, maybe a little bored, or even not good enough because you can’t quite figure out how to do everything you really want to do. If this sounds like you, then today’s message is for YOU!

✨ I have 3 spots open for 1-on-1 coaching starting in July! ✨ You can find details about 1-on-1 coaching on my website here as well as book a free discovery call here.

Story Time:

About 15 years ago, I started my photography business, photographing families in Japan. When I moved back to the States, I wanted to get into weddings and maybe some commercial photography. I was immediately told no. All the “experts” (mostly the boys club) at the time pushed that you could only do one. You couldn’t possibly be good at all of them, so you had to pick one. They said I wouldn’t be able to provide very good service, and the styles were totally different. But, as someone who loves variety, who felt bored and really wanted to make money…  I decided proving them wrong sounded WAY more fun. 

So, I did.

At the time, the average Detroit photographers were probably making 30k-65k. Within three years, I had over 200 family clients, was traveling back to Japan for clients, shooting 20 weddings a year, and making over 100k. Within five years, I was making over 200k. By 2020, I had also added wedding films and photographed a Floral Design book for a world-renowned floral designer. Published in magazines, books and had several awards. And, That year was supposed to bring in over 400k if it hadn’t been for COVID. I also traveled the world and completed a couple of half Ironmans and a full Ironman during this time.

The only thing I wish I had done was prioritize my health and relationships a bit more. Definitely had some mindset and mental health issues mixed in there that had me working harder, not smarter. I believed that only I could do the work, that I had to work as much as I was working to be successful. I had to work hard because I wasn’t that smart. I was riddled with trauma, limiting beliefs, and emotions that frequently took over. Toward the end of my photography career, I started to release that control, work on my mental and physical health, and realized that it made the work even easier. I wish I had done that from the start because I think the photography business could have been even more successful and done with a lot more ease! 

Even though I was right there at the top of my game and could go even further, I let go of the photography business because I knew I had a different calling. Ever since I was 10, I wanted to do this kind of work. And the transformation I had already felt in my own life I wanted to give that to others. The only way to go into this fully was to let it all go—not because I couldn’t manage it anymore, but because it was no longer fulfilling. It was pulling at my energy resources. Now, instead of all those different facets of photography, I am diving into 1-on-1 coaching, offering a self-development program, a mini Human Design course for coaches, writing a book or 2 eventually, and speaking on stages. (And the more I talk to my clients in real estate, maybe I’ll sell or invest in it because it sounds super fun, ha – Ive always wanted to do that too! And be a travel agent, and be a broadway star lol).

So.. Why You Might Feel Stuck and how to break free.


If you find yourself constantly saying “I should” and feeling bitter, frustrated, or resentful, it’s a sign that something in your life isn’t aligned with your true desires and values. Misalignment can occur when you’re doing things out of obligation or societal, family pressure rather than genuine interest. This mismatch can drain your energy and make you feel disconnected from your purpose. We can take a deep dive into everything you’re currently involved in—your commitments, activities, and even your mindset—to identify what truly resonates with you and what needs to change. By aligning your actions with your core values and passions, we’ll create a more harmonious and fulfilling life path for you.

Multi-Passionate Confusion

Being a multi-passionate individual means having diverse interests and talents. While this is a beautiful trait, it can also lead to confusion and a feeling of restriction if you try to focus on just one thing. This often causes analysis paralysis because no single choice feels like it’s enough to satisfy all your interests. Embracing your multiple passions is key to finding fulfillment and purpose. I’ll work with you to develop a strategy that allows you to integrate your various interests in a way that feels balanced and rewarding. By learning how to prioritize and manage your passions effectively, you can thrive without having to sacrifice any of the things that light you up. OR if you really want to focus on that one thing!! We can do that too! 

Nervous System Overload

Your ambitious and multi-passionate nature requires a strong, grounded nervous system to handle the demands of a full and diverse lifestyle. When your nervous system is overloaded, it can lead to chronic stress, anxiety, and burnout, making it difficult to function at your best. This state of overwhelm can hinder your ability to thrive and enjoy life. I’ll teach you techniques to regulate your nervous system, such as mindfulness practices, breathwork, and grounding exercises. By cultivating a resilient mindset and a balanced nervous system, you’ll be better equipped to manage the highs and lows of a dynamic life, ensuring you’re not just surviving but thriving.

Lack of a Plan

Even if you value flexibility and flow (Feminine energy is having a major moment),  having a plan is essential to achieving your goals and maintaining a sense of direction. Without a plan, you might feel like you’re drifting aimlessly or reacting to life rather than proactively shaping it. A well-structured plan doesn’t mean rigid discipline; it means being intentional about your actions and knowing how they align with your deeper why, values, and goals. I’ll help you clarify what you want and develop a clear, actionable plan that aligns with your vision for the future. This way, you can set powerful intentions, make informed decisions, and create a roadmap that leads you toward your desired outcomes with clarity and confidence.

Fear Taking Over

Fear of failure or even success can be paralyzing, leading to overwhelming thoughts and emotions that block your progress. These fears often stem from deep-seated beliefs and past experiences that cause your mind to seek safety over growth. When fear takes over, it can prevent you from taking risks or stepping out of your comfort zone, which are crucial for personal and professional development. I can guide you in confronting these fears and working with your subconscious mind to release them on a profound level. Through various techniques such as cognitive reframing, visualization, and subconscious work, we’ll help you cultivate the clarity and courage needed to move forward with your goals, allowing you to embrace change and growth with confidence.

Ready to turn your multi-passionate dreams into reality?

Book your free discovery call here and start your journey to a fulfilling, aligned life. 🌟 Let’s transform the way you approach your passions and create the life that you want.


“Amanda has been a guiding light in my life and has literally helped me to manifest the unbelievable. When I first reached out to Amanda, I was feeling stuck, coasting in life, and feeling dejected about my next steps. Amanda has helped me tap into my inner fire, get clarity on the next steps for me professionally and personally, and ultimately given me the courage to uplevel in a mega way. I can’t imagine my journey without Amanda by my side.”
— Shannon

PS: These spots fill up quickly, so don’t miss out.  Book a Discovery Call Here

Remember, it’s not about doing more or less; it’s about doing what aligns with you the most. Together, we can make your multi-passionate dreams a reality! 💪💖

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