What is an alignment Coach?

As a trauma informed, alignment and mindset coach I will help you gain CLARITY, find your PURPOSE and TRANSFORM your SELF-IMAGE to allow you to truly live a life you really LOVE. Alignment coaching might be for you if you are struggling with any of these: relationships, work, family and friends. Constantly living in a state of fight or flight, hyper alert, waking up feeling overwhelmed, just want to feel "normal", maybe isolating yourself, feeling shame and guilt, lost, unfulfilled maybe even numb, struggling to trust yourself, make decisions and so much more. 

It starts with who are you?

Getting super clear on who you are, why you believe what you believe, how you perceive the world around you, and how you react is where it all begins.

We can use tools such as human design, journaling, powerful questions and exploring the subconscious to get really clear on who you are. You will also learn about how the brain works, the connection to your nervous system. You will learn how to hold space for yourself without judgement so that you can start to release the beliefs and emotions that keep you from moving forward. Sometimes just understanding why something is a problem for you can be the most empowering act. 

real results

"Amanda has coached me through countless sessions, each one more profound than the last. 

She is safe, she is empathetic, and she is extremely patient in the process of transformation. She has held me through raw moments of release. I have released deeply rooted blocs and pain all while tapping into unlimited visions for my life. Amanda lives her life as a coach and is constantly grown. An amazing coach

- Dacey


"I left feeling like finally someone understood me."

"I worked with Amanda on a number of coaching sessions and each time I left feeling like finally someone understood me. She gave me the space to talk without fear of judgement, as well as wrapping me up in the energy of safety - I felt incredibly safe with Amanda, like no thought was a silly one and nothing was dismissed. I left our sessions feeling like I could finally take back some of the control over the decisions I was making in my life. Would I recommend Amanda as a coach? Without a shadow of a doubt!" - Victoria

- Victoria




Lets get to the root cause of the limited beliefs, negative emotions and patterns and release them.


Whether you are being pulled toward your purpose or need to discover it, we are going to get crystal clear on what your aligned life looks like.


Become more confident and take back control of your life.

let's be real.

Working on yourself takes courage

You must be ready! Dropping your armor and your shields to look within, step out of your comfort zone and into a new identity can be scary. But, the rewards are life-changing. 

Everyone has deeply rooted experiences and programming that is no longer serving them. Your emotions are your guides to FREEDOM.



Understand your responses and behaviors, how to manage them.


Work through wounds and un-healed trauma with a Trauma Informed Coach who provides a safe space.


Tap into your inner wisdom, trust your intuition, pursue your wildest dreams 


Curate a new future.

this is for you.

I woke up feeling like my mental health was better.... is that even possible?


- Michele



Tell me about yourself

Submit an inquiry through the contact form and tell me all about yourself. What are you struggling with, what do you want to work on?


Discovery Call

On this call we will get to know each other and how I might be able to help, who I am and what I do!  


Take action

Sessions are all virtual and you can join from anywhere in the world! 


The Tools + Techniques

Mindset coaching focuses on your current beliefs and patterns. We will explore these beliefs and patterns, move from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset. Mindset work can help with anything from boosting confidence to managing stress. 


Emotional Freedom Technique
Tapping creates balance in your energy system. You can use tapping to reduce pain, stress and the intensity of negative emotions. 


Your Human Design Chart is found with your birth date, time, and place to reveal your genetic design. Human Design is the science of differentiation. It tells you how your energetic body is designed to operate in the world around you, and how to best optimize your life.  


Don't worry you won't be quacking like a duck around your living room. Human beings operate primarily from our subconscious. Hypnosis allows you to feel completely in control and in a calm, trance like state that will allow us to talk to your subconscious. We can work on all kinds of things from how you show up in relationships, changing bad habits to be being more confident at work! 

Neural Energetic Encoding

Neural Energetic Encoding works with how we encode time, to help us release emotions, beliefs, identities and patterns of thinking that are no longer serving us. These patterns may even be passed down through generations. You can support your inner child and find new positive learnings from past experiences.


Breathwork is a powerful tool that helps you to become deeply connected with your body. You can use breathwork to release heavy emotions as well as to gain more confidence and self love. I personally used breathwork in my own life to release trauma that was being held in my body, that I didn't even know was still there. I am still working through my certification so this service will be offered Spring/Summer of 2023.

With this program / service:


+ learn to Recognize your emotions

+ Release limited Beliefs

+ Express your needs and set healthy boundaries

+ Work through Fear

want something like that?

let's do this thing →

I feel lighter, happier, content and confident

I'm finally headed in the right direction, for me.

- Brittany



I can't wait to help you  _____. Send over your info and we'll connect on the best way to move forward. 



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