My goal for your wedding is to tell your story; to create images that I am proud of and that you can NOT stop obsessing over! Every time I send off a gallery I wait... I wait for the "I love them" email! Because it's so important to me that this is the response I get as I truly want you to be happy with them, Its a great responsibility to capture this one day for you! And I take that seriously! The first time someone paid me to photograph their family, almost 10 years ago, I walked away feeling like I got a way with something. I remember calling my husband from the train to tell him about it. The first time I booked a wedding, I asked them why they were booking me, when I had little to no experience. I had a sense of overwhelming accomplishment when I walked away. The first high-end wedding that I booked, I celebrated like I had just won American Idol. I'm humbled by every booking and every review and every expression of gratitude. It's not about the money, it's about knowing that I am doing something meaningful.. This is not to say that I am not confident. I know what I am doing and I know that I am doing it well. I just want you to feel that way as well. 

"Being a Wedding Photographer is straight up Awesome"

About ME

Being a wedding photographer is straight up awesome! It's the greatest privilege to always be surrounded by love, human connection and authentic real life moments. The focus of every wedding is the love between the couple and their families. Everything else, like gorgeous venues in amazing locations and gorgeous details like flowers, designer gowns, and bespoke tuxes are just a bonus. Weddings are often physically grueling, stressful and mentally demanding. But all that means to me is that its never boring, it's always challenging and I am always growing. Its exciting to know that tomorrow will never be the same as today! (unless I am binge editing photos for a week then its groundhog day lol) This really fits my personality and my strengths. I work too much and I always take on as much as I can, generally neglecting myself. But "relaxing" is just not in my DNA. I get bored and restless. I'm always looking forward to the end of a season; but then about 2-3 days later I feel like I can't wait for the first wedding or the next adventure. I need to live in CA where I can photograph weddings year round! 

"Travel Often"

My Philosophy

Keep Creating, Travel Often, Love Fully, Give Thanks, Dream Big, Work Hard, Take Risks, Stay Humble and Be You. 

Things I Love

These are my puppies in my MINI! Einstein and Brinkley! Einstein is 11 years old and Brinkley is 3. I love them to pieces! Always there for hugs and always making us laugh at the funny things they do! 

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I'm a middle child of 3, and the 4th oldest of 8. I was raised by my Dad. And grew up mostly with him and my 2 brothers and then later w/my step mom, step sister, Half sister and brothers!  My mother was not capable of being there for me but I always knew that she was my biggest fan. 2008 My husband got on a new job and this amazing opportunity to move to Japan. It was by far one of the most amazing experiences I think I will ever have! When we moved there, I needed something to do, so this was when I started my photography business!! I never would have imagined being where I am today. Having gotten the opportunity to travel and live all over the world, growing a business and learning a lot about people, life and myself in the process. 10 years later its crazy to look back. I had completely different dreams when I was younger, but I am now a business owner, entrepreneur and an artist. I'm also a triathlete who loves raising money for amazing causes. It's easy in life and in this career to feel the struggle and to get caught up in the things I wish I had or did. Or what I am or am not. But, my life is my life and I kinda love it. I am confident I am doing what I was meant to do. And I know there's always room to grow more, learn more, love more and give more.  

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