We want to be there when you first put on your veil, when all of the wedding day stresses of planning start to turn into the excitement and celebration! A day filled with irreplaceable moments. 

I am an artist who has an eye for beautiful light, and gorgeous details. But more importantly the experience and intuition to know when a moment is coming and how to help create those moments throughout the day. Weddings can become overwhelming at times with all of the planning. What I really want to do on top of creating beautiful heirlooms is to also help ensure that your wedding doesn't feel like one long photoshoot or to do list, but rather this incredible day where your husband can look at you like he has never before, and your parents can be proud of the people and the couple that you have become and will be. Where your friends who maybe introduced you or encouraged your relationship get to dance, cry and celebrate with you! It really is one of the greatest days ever! And I can't wait to be a part of that! 

"Being a Wedding Photographer is straight up Awesome"

About ME

Being a wedding photographer is straight up awesome! It's the greatest privilege to always be surrounded by love, human connection and authentic real life moments. The focus of every wedding is the connection between the couple and their families. Everything else, like gorgeous venues in amazing locations and gorgeous details like flowers, designer gowns, and bespoke tuxes are just a bonus.

Through my own life experiences there are multiple reasons for why I do what I do, and how I do it! 

I want to tell your story; to create images that I am proud of and that you can NOT stop obsessing over! Every time I send off a gallery I wait... I wait for the "I love them" email! Because it's so important to me that this is the response I get as I truly want you to be happy with them, Its a great responsibility to capture this one day for you! And I take that seriously! 

"Travel Often"

My Philosophy

If you were following me on Instagram last year you would have seen that my husband and I, for our 10 year wedding anniversary took a 60 day European trip. Landing in Scotland and flying out of Italy. It was one of the most rewarding and incredible experiences of my life. Our love for travel started with moving to Japan about a year after we were married and its just been one adventure after another and I can't wait to see where we go to next! 

Things I Love

These are my puppies in my MINI! Einstein and Brinkley! Einstein is 11 years old and Brinkley is 3. I love them to pieces! Always there for hugs and always making us laugh at the funny things they do! And just the best friends you could ask for. 

The Boys

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Meet Amanda

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More About Me, The Family Portfolio and The Art

I'm an international, published wedding photographer, traveling the world with my husband, snuggling with my Golden Retrievers and one of those crazy triathletes waking up at 4 am to train for an Ironman. 

I never travel without something Kate Spade,  something striped, a good blazer, my headphones and running shoes. 

Based out of Ann Arbor Michigan, my love for photography started when I was 9 with my polaroid camera. 2008 I decided I wanted to be a professional photographer. Since then I have photographed over 100 weddings, over 1000 family portrait sessions, traveled to over 10 different countries, and most of the US. I feel most at home in big cities. My favorites being Manhattan, Paris, London, San Francisco, Tokyo and Rome. Each city offers it's own charm and source of inspiration. 

I love being a creative entrepreneur, and a photographer. I am super passionate about what I do. My life experiences have shaped who I am and why I do what I do.  My favorite part of any wedding day is the moments that pull at my heart strings. From a good ugly cry from your Dad, the look of pride on your groom's face, a little giggle during your vows,  a romantic kiss during a first dance, to the final moments of the night. 

I believe we only have this one life, and should make the absolute best of it. Love fiercely, travel often, work hard and eat pizza. 

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